Welcome to Go-To Green Energy, established in Germany in 2013 we specialize in initiating, promoting, raising finance, developing,
managing and overseeing sustainable energy projects around the world.

At Go-To Green Energy, we conduct feasibility studies, overseeing the planning process, liaising with contractors and supervizing the entire project,
including quality control, financial oversight and more.

We are at the cutting edge of the sustainable energy industry, specializing in solar and wind turbine generation technologies. As wind turbine and energy storage equipment improves, and battery and solar panel technology become more efficient and more cost effective, green energy is set to overtake fossil energy in the near future, leading to a disruptive paradigm shift in the way humankind consumes energy.

Sustainable energy contributes greatly to a cleaner environment and greatly reduces carbon emissions with measurable results. We are poised at the cusp of an exciting new era of energy production and storage and see ourselves as a major player in this ever evolving market sector. We are proud to contribute to this revolutionary transition, producing bountiful electricity from abundantly available renewable sources.

With experience in many successful endeavors, we are currently participating in a number of green energy projects in a project management capacity. In addition we actively invest in new ventures in the green energy sector, supporting startups and entrepreneurs, provide seed funding, organizing joint ventures and raising funds with like-minded investors.


Our expert team includes project managers, engineers, planners, coordinators, analysts, QA and administrative staff among others. We bring decades of combined experience to provide a highly professional service;
whether initiating, planning, coordinating, operating, financing, or managing projects with our team, so you can rest asured you are in capable hands.

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Renewable energy

The writing is on the wall for fossil fuels, renewable energy production technologies have progressed by leaps and bounds in recent years, driving costs down and efficiency up enabling competitive electricity production rates with the benefit of a cleaner environment.

Hydroelectric power is the grandparent of the renewable energy sector and has proven its value over the decades. Wave and tidal power are technologies still in their infancies with a way to go before becoming viable on an industrial scale; these show great promise and are worth following.

Electricity production by solar and wind power technologies has now reached a stage where government subsidies are no longer a prerequisite for profitability, and power storage technology has progressed to a stage where it is feasible to store power reserves during optimal production peaks for future use when turbines or solar panels are non operational (for instance when there is no wind or in overcast conditions).

The future for the industry looks bright; the European Union is currently undergoing a boom in renewable energy plant construction, and the world is poised to follow suit. The seas and lakes, plains and hilltops of the world are filling up with wind farms, producing an ever greater amount of power for communities.

In the Middle East forward-looking oil producing nations are seeking for alternative sources of income as the oil age nears its end; the region is blessed with plentiful sunshine for most of the year and could conceivably become the worlds' solar power house in the not so distant future. In fact, as long as there is flowing water, blowing winds and sunshine, there is a potential power source with economic benefits at your doorstep.



Solar Energy

With photovoltaic technology becoming increasingly efficient and costs dropping, demand is at an unprecedented high and this technology is highly accessible and is set to become a world leader. The team at Go-To Green Energy has years of experience working in the photovoltaic energy sector, in an entrepreneurial and investing capacity, as well in a project management capacity, overseeing construction, managing, and operating solar power projects. We use our expertise to bring the solar revolution into people's lives.

Wind Energy

The wind energy sector has seen global investments soar in recent years. Wind turbines produce clean electrical power and have a small land footprint; turbines can be aligned along roadsides or between fields. Offshore wind farms are popping up around the globe and new power transmission technologies currently undergoing trials promise to enable the construction of wind generators in formerly inaccessible or unprofitable locations.

New turbine technology enables greater yield from individual turbines, enabling fewer turbines to achieve the same power output. We offer a comprehensive service including initiating, planning, coordinating, operating, financing, and managing projects.


We are constantly on the lookout for innovative endeavors exploring technological advances in the sustainable energy sector, advances that could lead to increased energy yields from solar panels or wind turbines, advances in battery technology leading to greater storage capacity and efficiency, or new unexplored generation methods.

We guide new ventures in the field, conduct feasibility studies, invest our knowledge and experience in order to bring them from the lab to the market. We invest seed money in startups and assist promising ventures to achieve financing from venture capital firms, or invest our own capital as stake holding partners.


For more information about our industry leading sustainable energy services please complete the form below and one of our senior project managers will be happy to contact you: